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Business and Organizational Consulting

We are here to help clients remain a step above their competition regardless of the type of businesses they own. Our firm provides consulting and organizational services that can be tailored to serve specific business needs. These include human resource (HR) services, Workers’ Compensation audit, budgeting and forecasting, health insurance audit, QuickBooks training, and non-profit consulting, campaign, and infrastructure organization. Our expertise in these areas helps fine-tune businesses so they can reach their full potential for growth and expansion.

Areas of Specialty

Human Resource (HR) Services

Ensure employee well being in your business with payroll, benefits, hiring and firing, and managing interoffice relationships.

Worker’s Compensation Audit

Complete your annual Workers’ Compensation audit to verify payroll and sub-contractor work at your company.

Budgeting and Forecasting

Work with our professionals to create cash flow, budget, and financial planning measures for your personal or business needs.

Health Insurance Audit

Obtain assistance with health insurance audits to remain compliant and avoid potential penalties to your business.

QuickBooks Training

Learn basic and complex ways to utilize Quickbooks to maintain accurate financial records, payroll, payment services, and bill payment for your business.

Non-profit Consulting

Work with experts to create winning campaigns and enhance the organizational infrastructure and operations of your non-profit.

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