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Third Party Administrator (TPA) & Retirement Services

Working with our Third Party Administrator and Retirement Services professionals takes the guess work out of planning for the future and provides solid and tangible ways to reach your goals. We design pension plans, 401k and safe harbor plans, profit sharing plans, simple and SEP IRAs, defined benefit and contribution plans, and cash balanced plans. Our retirement professionals work hard to understand each client and businesses goals and creates personally tailored plans to match your unique circumstances and long-term needs.

Areas of Specialty

Pension Planning & Designs

Design a pension plan for your business that works for your needs and goals.

401K, Safe Harbor Plans

Create retirement plans for your organization that allow contributions by both employer and employees.

Profit-Sharing Plans

Develop a plan that gives employees a share of profits from your business to help them save for retirement.


Create employer-contribution retirement plans and/or savings incentive match plans for your employees.

Defined Benefit/Contribution Plans

Design a pension plan that allows for employers and employees to contribute and invest towards retirement.

Cash Balanced Plans

Develop a defined benefit plan that has individual accounts for employees with a specified sum they will receive upon retirement.

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